Vienna – Schonbrunn Gardens

The palace garden is the main grounds between the palace and the Gloriette.

The multiple statues along the edge of the grounds are very nice. We lost count but according to Wikipedia, more than 50 are dispersed in the garden.  While the statues give a Roman style, the grounds and flowers are missing some originality.

Don’t get me wrong, if you consider the complex in its ensemble with the maze, the zoo, the palm house, the desert house, the fountains, the sculptures and the Gloriette, it is a beautiful and romantic place.   Please note that a few web photos seems embellished.

Neptune Fountain

I love fountains and you can find more than one on this site and the Neptune fountain is spectacular.  It is aligned with the Gloriette just sitting at the bottom of the hill.  You can walk around and behind it for different views of the palace.

It is part of the free section of the Schonbrunn palace complex.

Neptune is represented with its famous trident and he is surrounded by other figures and a half horse and a half seal.

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