Vienna Zoo – Tiergarten Schonbrunn

This is it the world’s oldest still operating zoo.  In 1752, the zoo was commissioned by Emperor Francis I, the husband of Maria Theresa.  While it is the oldest zoo, it is still charming and adequately maintained. The main, central, yellow pavilion was meant for royal breakfasts.

While a zoo was there way before 1752, it was only in 1779 that it was open to the public. 

Hint: if you are traveling with kids, adding a visit to a zoo is often a winner.  We went there for the kids, and until we got there, this was their main focus.

Much like other attractions, the staff on the grounds is limited, not to say, almost inexistent, so there is nobody to ask questions. You just wandered around. 

I lost my camera suitcase there! Oh well!

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