Vienna – Schonbrunn Gloriette

Gorgeous – great views

While the definition of a gloriette in a dictionary is often referred to as a small amenity building erected on an elevated part of a garden that provides great views of the environment, the term “small” is subject to reconsideration in this case.  There is a chance that you will find the Schonbrunn Gloriette referred to as a perfect example of a gloriette in the reference materials.

I could only guess that the reference to the term small is in comparison to the main building. In this case, I have to agree it is small but nonetheless, very pretty while standing off to the side and provides also excellent views of the palace, the grounds, and the surroundings.

From the interior court of the palace, on top the of hill, you cannot miss it.
The structure is beautiful from far and also up close. I urge you to take the time to visit it up close.

If the walk is challenging for you, you can take the train to get there.

The Empress used to, on occasion, request to have her breakfast served there.   We can understand why; the view is splendid but what a challenge it must have been for the domestics, as it is uphill from the palace.

Today, there is a cafe located in the Gloriette if you want to take some time to sit and appreciate the view as the Empress had experienced.

There is also a viewing platform from the roof of the Gloriette. If you have the ViennaPass admission is included.

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