Montreal – Marché Maisonneuve Market

There are a few markets that were settled many years ago. We can think about Marche Jean-Talon, Marche Atwater and Marche Bonsecours, all of which are places for trading local products.  Maisonneuve Market is one of them and it is located on Ontario Street not too far from the Olympic Stadium.

There are actually two (2) Maisonneuve Markets, the old and the new.

The new one dates back to 1995 and is next to the old one. The current market is a small indoor place offering fresh meat, flowers, fruits and vegetables along with cheese and baked goods.

What is definitely captivating in this square is the old Maisonneuve Market.  The architecture is again unbelievable in the neighborhood. I never expected a castle-like building on Montreal’s island to be intended for a market. The 1912 building was designed by Marius Dufresne whose house is today’s Chateau Dufresne also in Mercier-​Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough. Mr. Dufresne surely had immense vision for the district.

With the emergence of supermarkets, the livestock transactions in the city decreased and the market was closed in 1962.  The building was transformed and has been a community center since 1980.

In front of the building, a nice fountain with a farmer’s statue (La Fermière) and benches is certainly a place to stop.

At the same time, take a look at the Maisonneuve public bath building a few steps further on Morgan Street in front of the market. It is also extraordinary.

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