Montreal – Lucien-Saulnier Building (The Old Court House)

155 rue Notre-Dame Est (East)

The Lucien-Saulnier Building is the oldest courthouse still standing in Montreal. It sits on the premise of the first one built in 1800 but burnt down in 1844.

The 1856 building was the place where civil cases were heard until 1970. Today, it is used by the public finance teams and is the temporary location of the City Hall while under renovation.

The 295ft long building was expanded a few times. The beautiful classical façade with columns is an ideal location for official photos.

The building occupies a large area and it is surrounded by the Champ-de-Mars and Place Vauquelin. Despite its size, in the early 1900’s it was not sufficient to fulfill its needs and an additional building was requested. The Ernest-Cormier Building was originally an annex to the Court House but soon became independent and criminal cases were held in the newer building.

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