Montreal – Court of Appeal of Quebec (Ernest-Cormier building)

100 rue Notre-Dame Est (East)

Sitting right in front of the Old Courthouse is another imposing building, and with its bronze door and pillars, it looks serious.  You can read on the building « FRUSTRA LEGIS AUXILIVM QVAERIT QVI IN LEGEM COMMITTIT » («he who breaks the law seeks in vain his help»).  The 1922 building served for criminal affairs until the new courthouse came into action in the early 1970’s.  For years it occupied other functions but restoration work along with some improvements to the building brought back juridical cases in 2005 when it became the Court of Appeal of Quebec.

Ernest Cormier was a renowned architect and this building is actually his first distinguished co-work thus explaining the current name.  Ernest Cormier lived in Montreal.

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