Athens – Acropolis Museum

You may wonder why, or if, you should visit the Acropolis Museum. If you are thinking about going or if you went to the Acropolis, well, yes, you should go.  What happened is the Acropolis is a very old site and the reason why we are lucky it is still standing despite being exposed to everyday wind, sun and climate, is because of constant support and restoration.  In order to preserve the original masterpiece, they had to replace some original work with copies and they are keeping the original version at the museum.

In order words, the Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum focusing on the Acropolis original artifacts. It allows you to have a closer look at these works of art.

While doing both the museum and the hill, you get up close and into the details at the museum and you get the surrounding context on top of the rock.

We followed other travelers’ recommendations and we visited the Acropolis Museum first, and the next day we visited the actual Acropolis site.  I think we all appreciated the Acropolis more after seeing the museum.  

From the entrance area, the clear floor allows you to see the excavation site underneath the museum. 

Unfortunately, the museum combo pass does not work at this location. The line up can be long but it is totally worth it.

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