Athens – Panathenaic Stadium

This was our first stop on our visit in Athens and we were surprised by the quality of the structure and for a reason. It is actually one of the best preserved historic sites.  However, it is not as old as the other sites.  While it was used back in 330BC it has been improved over time to welcome the 1896 first modern Olympic Games.

The less than 60,000 spectator marble horseshoe-shaped stadium is solid. 

We understood that the decision of hosting the first Olympic games did come with an important challenge, funding.  The city was, at the time, under financial difficulties and the construction of the stadium is undeniably associated with the financial contribution of prosperous entrepreneurs like George Averoff who made it possible and whose statue is on the front of the site.

From there you can easily have access to the Zappeion,the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Hadrian’s Arch and the National Garden.

The origin of the Olympic games is Athens, in this stadium. This is incredible.

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