Athens – Temple of Olympian Zeus Hadrian’s Arch

If I remember correctly, Zeus is the king of the Olympian gods, thus explaining the name of this temple, Temple of Olympian Zeus.  Since this place is in a short walking distance to the Panathenaic Stadium, it makes sense.

It was under Emperor Hadrian that this ambitious project was finally completed after it took centuries to finish.

While I thought I was there to visit also Hadrian’s Arch, you actually do not need to get on this site to get close to the Arch.  This attraction is the Temple of Olympian Zeus.   Unfortunately, and for obvious reasons, after so many years, only a few columns have survived some are laying down while some are still standing. From this site, you actually have a nice view when atop of the Acropolis and you will have a nice view of this site while atop of the Acropolis.

To me, this site is not worth it on its own. This was the first place we visited in Athens and we were surprise to notice that there is no one to address us while we were on the ground next to the structure.

However, this is where we purchased our combo ticket that allowed us to visit this site along others: Ancient Agora, Roman Agora, Hadrian’s Library and Acropolis. No line up for the ticket booth when we were there.

Hadrian’s Arch

I have to admit that I was disenchanted when I noticed the Arch.  I’ve come to realize that regrettably the real story is vague and uncertain with no information is provided on site.  We have to acknowledge that it can be difficult to find our own genealogy so going back to year 200 is a bigger challenge. It is normal that we may have lost track of some elements.  All we know is it is associated to the Emperor Hadrian but was it under his initiation or a gift from the Athenians, that is unclear.

For sure, you have another photo opportunity here.


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