Athens – Zappeion

Zappeion is a beautiful wide yellow building in the National Garden sector near the Panathenaic Stadium. The choice of the location is not a mistake and was wisely designated for the proximity of the stadium in order to be used for the first modern Olympic Games.   In fact, it seems to be the first building to be constructed specifically for the modern Olympic Games. While its vocation has changed over time today, its functions are mainly conference/Exhibits/meeting place where room as available to host public and private events.

At some point, it was used for political events, radio station, played different role in a few Olympic Games (for press once, athletes at another time and fencing competition) it gives you an idea of the diversity and the potential of this building.

We were allowed to just step in and see the atrium. Very nice.

The front area with the fountain is also very pleasant and the front grounds also has statues.