Ottawa – By Ward Market

Less serious atmosphere

If you want to discover a less serious atmosphere than the parliamentary area and if you want to spoil yourself, dance, or eat, it is around the ByWard Market that the rhythm changes.

A friendly gathering place for nearly two decades, the ByWard Market is a combined market of gourmet shops, boutiques, restaurants and nightclubs spread over several streets.

The indoor market is relatively narrow but has been always present. If you take a look inside the market, from the ceiling hangs a paper-mâché work “McClintock’s Dream” designed in 1978.

Shortly after its construction, the demand was exploding and they had to think beyond the small market. It went from a small building to a market quarter area. So, while we still refer to the market today, it also includes the outdoor space which, when the weather permits, adds space for the installation of temporary kiosks where artisans come to sell their specialties along with nearby street shops.

Do you know why York and George streets are wider? It should be remembered that the construction took place around 1826 at the same time as the Rideau Canal and before the time of the automobile. The streets were, therefore, designed to leave the space necessary for the horse-drawn carts to circulate to deliver goods.

ByWard Market has its origins in John By, an entrepreneur who participated in the construction of the Rideau Canal and was very present for the people. He wanted to create living spaces for people who came to support the construction of the canal, largely from the Irish and French communities. Mr. By was so influential that even the city was then named after him, Bytown.

Be aware that if the weather is uncertain, you are also near the Rideau Center shopping center, if necessary.

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