Guadeloupe – Deshaies (Déhé)

Located in the North-West of Guadeloupe in the Basse-Terre section, you can reach Deshaies via Sainte-Rose or the road of the great crossing (Route de la Traverse). You are about 45 minutes from the airport.

Deshaies has a slightly retro style. Although the first Club Med (1968) settled there, it is not here that you will find nightlife or a casino. In fact, in the evening, people seem to fall asleep at the same time as the sun goes down. The island’s Club Med is now located in Sainte-Anne.

If you are fans of the Murder in Paradise series, know that it was in Deshaies that the filming took place. On a sadder note, in 1962, between Sainte-Rose and Deshaies, on Morne dos d’âne, an Air France Boeing 707 from the Azores crashed there, killing 103 passengers and 10 members of the crew whose ultimate destination was in Chile.

Today, the village and its surroundings offer a superb botanical garden. The beach of Grande Anse is well-developed and you can sit down for a meal on the site.

The view point “Point de vue du Galet” is an occasion to stop and admire the scenery of the nearby Grande-Anse beach, the hill and the sea.

The Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul church with its red top tower is in the background and, in front of the library, a 3.5m high work by Jean-Yves Ménez entitled “Observatory” shows a portrait of a man having a mixture of traits from the local culture combined with that of Africa.

Between Sainte-Rose and Deshaies, you can stop at one of the beaches: Plage de la Perle, Anse Tillet, and Cluny are a few examples.

Plage Leroux

Between Deshaies and Bouillante, we found the pretty Leroux beach. Access by car is a bit laborious with a few parking spaces down the hill which are often occupied and only allow one-way access. A few parking lots on the other side of the main road are easier to reach. The walk to the beach on foot is really easy to access.

This place of relaxation is less crowded than others and allows you to combine swimming and snorkeling in clear water.

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