Guadeloupe – Sainte-Rose (Sentwòz)

Sainte-Rose is an old small town located north of Basse-Terre and was counting 400 souls in 1635. The Chapel of Sainte-Rose-de-Lima (Santa Rosa), built in 1745, is very modest and we find on both sides of the forecourt, the cemetery. Just opposite the church, you can see the town hall.

Beyond the Sainte-Rose-de-Lima church and the town hall, some tourist elements are found in this agglomeration. There is certainly the Nautical Port which is located within walking distance of the church, the Creole ecomuseum of Guadeloupe, the Séverin and Reimonenq distilleries for the history of rum and the artist’s house, La Ramée. On the other hand, to access these places, a car is necessary. Make sure the place is open before you go. The charming La Ramée house is nice, but no activity took place there in August 2022.

It is in Sainte-Rose, at the nautical port, that excursions to the Grand cul-de-sac Marin begin. A series of kiosks line the parking lot to allow you to choose your exploration. Many are booked well in advance and not all were open.

On the village square, shops and local merchants welcome you.

A little further, in the direction of Deshaies, beaches follow one after another and invite you to rest.

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