Guadeloupe – La Grande Vigie

On the side of Grande-Terre, in the community of Anse-Bertrand, 6 km (3.72miles) east of the center, we find the northernmost point of the island.

Here, it is not calm water that you will find, but a raging nature with waves that crash solidly on the wall of the cliffs. At 75 meters (245 feet) above the water, the view is magnificent in a wild, arid environment accompanied by wind. It is a biological reserve with diverse vegetation and few large trees because exposure to high winds sculpts and eats away the flora.

There is a large parking lot but there were few visitors at the beginning of August 2022. The stands allowing vendors to sell their merchandise are vacant.

The walk is pleasant, a loop that is worth the effort and is easily done. A beautiful panorama that we enjoyed.

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