Guadeloupe – Jardin Botanique Deshaies

(botanical garden)

An initial personal project resulted in a public mission: that of presenting visitors with the beauties of local and tropical flora in an accessible and agreeably maintained area.

Well thought out, the path includes bodies of water, varied vegetation and a few animals.

At the entrance, when purchasing your ticket, you will have the chance to buy small food cups to feed the fish, lorikeets and goats. As soon as you cross the entry gate, you will be greeted by the pond of multiple koi fish, hungry and accustomed to being fed. It’s a real fish fight.

The journey continues through majestic trees and colorful flowers which are identified. Just follow the path. You will reach the lorikeet aviary where they approach those with sweet nectar to taste.

We enjoyed our visit among the various palm gardens, cacti, waterfalls, arboretum, banyan trees, water features with flamingos, fan trees, and flowers.

A large chalet is for rent on the site. It used to be the property of the French humourist, Coluche, who is, in fact, at the origin of the acquisition of this beautiful piece of land. It was a friend of his who took over after Coluche’s passing and opened the garden to the public in 2001.

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