Guadeloupe – Porte d’enfer Anse-Bertrand

This calm water lagoon is opposite the breaking waves a little further but it is difficult for me to imagine this place as being heavenly as some claim. Personally, during my visit in early August 2022, I saw the devastation by the presence of the sargassum where the restaurant was closed, the wooden footbridge stuck in the swamp and the abandonment of a site. In short, usually I take dozens of photos, but here, I took none of the coconut trees or the beach, because it was in such a terrible state. Sargassum disfigures magnificent places, sometimes overnight. These have contaminated the waters, the coral, its fish, and the shores and caused olfactory and visual exasperation.

The community must certainly be completely distraught in the face of this disaster. An excavator or a mini-tractor cannot cope with the large amount of sargassum. They need serious equipment to move that volume of algae.

The context completely stopped us. We had no desire to visit further. The number of vehicles in the parking lot calls into question the beauty of going further. It is here that the Trace de la Falaise trail begins and where you can join the hole of Madame Coco (Trou de Madame Coco) and further (a walk of one more hour), the blower (le souffleur).

There is other “door to hell” on the island. Here we are in Anse-Bertrand. Another at Le Moule is more pleasant to access.

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