Guadeloupe – Habitation Griveliere

Like many Internet users, we showed up on this highly promoted site in front of closed doors in July 2022. I was tempted to jump over the small wall to walk on site, but evidently, out of respect, I resisted.

The road to get there is both pretty because it crosses the forest of the National Park of Guadeloupe, and hazardous. The passages are sometimes one-way, the rock walls on one side and the ravine on the other may cause some breath holding for the passengers of the car. The use of the horn is recommended to announce your presence at blind spots on the curvy road that reaches up to 200 meters above sea level. Signs along the way indicate the time remaining before reaching the destination, which is approximately 25 minutes from the main road. It is surprising to see these posters as the site has been closed since 2018 for renovation.  Maybe it’s about to reopen. Frankly, the site looks promising and shows undeniable historical value.

Who would have thought that Guadeloupe is a renowned coffee producer? It is precisely for this element that I had the curiosity to visit this site. Not only do they do the culture of coffee, but also cocoa. It is pure happiness. Arabica coffee beans grow on the land of this old plantation which was ranked 4th in the world.

It was in 1761 that the Jacobin Brothers started the Caféière Saint-Joseph. Then came a succession of owners and over the years the plantation was expanded and now covers 90 hectares. Just like other plantations, workers’ help was needed and the use of slave labor is part of the sad past.

In this valley flows the Grande-Rivière river, another natural beauty of the site.

We are surprised that this place is under renovation. According to some sites, there is mention of work that was performed in 1999-2010. The notes of former visitors do not imply that this site requires work. Maybe one of the cyclone passages? In short, it is not open, but it does not look abandoned. The photos here are taken from the fence.

The site includes a set of buildings for agricultural purposes for drying and storage.  There is a stable and also domestic buildings, the main house and workers.

I hope you will have the chance to visit this gourmet and historic place in the heart of this valley surrounded by a tropical forest.

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