Guadeloupe – Pointe des châteaux (Castle Point)

At the eastern end of Grande-Terre, there is a peninsula lined with beaches on either side of the road. This place is rather quiet on the sand on the edge but be careful, the waters are rather rough when approaching the point. If you want to take a dip, go to one of the recommended beaches instead because they are protected by reefs which slow down the drawdown of the waves.

Access to Pointe des Châteaux is well indicated from Saint-François. You will find shops along the way for souvenirs of the island. At the end of the road, a loop takes you back in the opposite direction where you will find kiosks of street vendors for souvenirs or a refreshment. Parking is along the road.

You will have to follow a passage on foot to reach the end of the island, the tip. Access is free and the panorama is fantastic.

Without wanting to disappoint you, know that there is no castle (château) on the site. These are cliffs eroded by waves over time. Pointed rock elevations of different heights were thus formed.

You will have a nice overview as you climb the steps of Le Morne Pavillon to get to the belvedere and the Grande Croix (large Cross) at the top. Allow 15 minutes to reach the cross. On a clear day, it is possible to see the Ile de la Désirable (8 km/5miles) off the Atlantic Ocean. The sunrises on this site are known to be particularly pretty. From January to May, you will have a better chance of seeing whales.

Other paths through the vegetation allow you to explore places and admire the landscape. Be careful that young children do not get too close to the edge of the cliffs.

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