Lucerne – Railway Station

Arriving in Lucerne by train

I loved arriving by train in Lucerne even with young children. The ride was smooth, it was comfortable, on time and we arrived directly into the city. No need for additional transport to discover the city and its attractions.

The station is located next to Lake Lucerne, right next to the KKL (Luzern Culture and Congress Centre) and you can easily cross the river by one of its historic bridges to get to the old town.

Coming out of the station, notice the arch, it is the only treasured part of the old station.

Luzern railway station (Bahnhof) / Lucerne Arch (Torbogen Luzern)

Lucerne has been the main hub train station for years. The original station was built in 1856 and included an incredible gigantic dome but in minutes in 1971, a fire brought to ashes the major part of the building. Where people used to transition from the ticket counters to the waiting rooms and the platforms, all was gone. The only section left is the current arch with the clock and the figures sitting at its top.  Taken at the right angle, the arch can look like part of the new 1991 train station building despite the distance between them. The main central figures on top of the arch present a man sitting on a winged wheeled chariot and two workers, maybe stonecutters, on its side. Named Zeitgeist, it was added in 1907 and is the work of Richard Kisslng. The story of the arch is difficult to find, but the beauty of the arch, its survival to the 1856 original building, is incredible.

The proximity to the water allows ease of transfer between water and rail transport.

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