Dominica – Champagne Beach

You might notice different and opposite reviews about this place and for good cause. The 2017 devastation was undeniably destructive and left troubled waters with collapsed constructions. The center was closed and the boardwalk no longer existed during our 2018 visit.  I certainly hope that it has improved since our visit but it was logical that the resources be on restoring services (not in a specific order):  infrastructure, roads, buildings, attractions and electricity.

This beach is likely to be just as special as it used to be. The reason: the bubbles. Indeed, the name of the distinct beach comes from the bubbles created by the natural gas effect of the volcanic sea floor.

There was an unclear way to reach the beach by car and we were not alone. Locals, advanced snorkelers were also there. While I did not go snorkeling this time, two members of our group did and saw the famous bubbles but the waters were not as pristine as seen in other photos.

Rating this place is difficult due to the reason above but highly encouraged when possible to help re-establish infrastructures to maximize the potential of this natural beauty.

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