Dominica – Emerald Pool

Dominica offers many amazing trail options that will lead to unbelievable places.  Some take hours. It needs to be planned and if you select to drive yourself, expect some delays. The roads can be hazardous and reaching your starting point may take longer than expected.

Emerald pool and its waterfall is in a wild, luxurious, fresh smelling, green, natural oasis.  It was fabulous despite not being at its full potential due to a recent major hurricane.  The island’s priority focused on reestablishing power to residences. Some tourist infrastructures needed to wait for repairs.

The pool is not huge and the falls are not that tall but it is the overall experience that was great. The circulation in the area was limited but, on the other hand, we had the place to ourselves for a while.

The fresh cold water kept us hesitant to take a dip but again the surroundings were incredible.  The falls and the pool are calm and provide a serene sanctuary. It is easily accessible from the parking area and you can have access to trails if you want and can go beyond the falls. The pool is part of the Morne Trois Piton National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some kiosks for souvenirs are on-site as well as a snack /lunch bar. You can order on your way in, so the waiting time is less when you return. The salad was fresh and we enjoyed our time there.

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