Halifax – Grand Parade

1770 Barrington Street

Downtown Halifax, between two historical buildings is Grand Parade, a square.  At the time of the foundation of the city, in 1749, the grounds, delimited by a stone wall, was used for military demonstrations.

Since then, this place has become the location of numerous happenings: for social gatherings to political speeches to commemorate the ones who lost their lives during wars and public duty, to the celebration of New Years, to name a few examples.

On this square you will find the City Hall at the north end and St.Paul’s Church at the south end.

Despite not being a huge area, a brick lane wide enough for a car to navigate from one end to the other can be used during demonstrations.

The public area has a war memorial to commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during different wars and a concrete arch was added in 2010 to the memory of peace officers who were killed on duty. Their names are indicated on the arch.

During our visit, a nice musical performance was ongoing which was a pleasing experience.