Halifax – City Hall

1841 Argyle Street

Originally, the site of the City Hall was the place of a university.  It took years and years to negotiate with them to move and allow the city to establish itself.  Obviously, the well located city center site was acclaimed. The educational institution building was eventually demolished and made place for the new City Hall in 1888. Yet, the basement has remained.

Reasonably, the city provided new land and financial compensation to rebuild the Dalhousie University.

The City Hall building is on the Grand Parade Square facing the historical St. Paul’s Church.

The architecture of the municipal government seat location has a center tower with 2 clocks facing South and North.  The South clock provides current time while the north one is set at 4 minutes past 9 in commemoration of the time of the 1917 explosion.

We didn’t have the chance to visit the interior. Maybe you will but the exterior view should be part of your visit to Halifax. To my eyes, it does not look like a 19th century building.