Halifax – Town Clock

Sitting on the east side of the Citadel Hill, the old town clock indicates time on four sides of the tower. Maybe not exactly on the minute but it provides a very good point of reference to ensure a better punctuality. It seems lateness was common in 1803 and someone found a solution. The clock tower was indeed not commissioned for a charming styled building but the results of the project brought a time keeper and attraction.  The construction is well located facing the water and visible from the port at Cable Wharf  if you look towards Brunswick Street. Of course, over the years, some structural adjustments were needed after living through different seasons and natural forces but the architecture was respected.

The rectangular base ensures a solid anchoring to the ground. In addition the space allowed the clock caretaker to live in the building. Today, the clock is being taken care of by Parks Canada which, twice a week, winds the original manual mechanism. Every 15 minutes, the bells, on the 3rd level of the building, ring.

The clocks have been installed on the second level and the first one has Doric columns all around with windows.