Halifax – Point Pleasant Park

5530 Point Pleasant Drive

A large historical park sits at the south end of Halifax. The coastal area offers trails for workers, runners and cyclists. A designated zone also allows dogs to walk without leashes.

While exploring, you can consider spending some time to relax on a beach, see ruins and the presence of forts, observe the oldest Martello Tower in North America (1796) also known as the Prince of Wales Tower, walk the forest zones, pay homage at the different memorials and view the port containers section.

The trails are easy to explore and the department of Canadian Heritage is responsible for the park which is actually a British property rented to the city at a cost a 1 shilling per year since the end of the 19th century; a small price negotiated a very long time ago.

The site was an important Mi’kmaq gathering location for spiritual celebrations.

For tactical reasons, overseeing the Atlantic Ocean waters made the Ogilvie Fort (1793) an excellent spot to stop intruders from reaching Halifax. While the park had been severely damaged by Hurricane Juan in 2003, many new trees have been planted.  Unless you had been there prior to 2003, you might not even notice the hit that this park had to overcome.  The site was closed for months to clean up all the damage.