Halifax – Citadel

5425 Sackville Street

One of the first actions taken by the settlers to protect the city in 1749 was to build a citadel on top of the most elevated section of the city overlooking the water.  The military fortress was improved 4 times over the years. Fortunately, the star shaped wall shelter was never attacked.  However, they were prepared to face the enemies. While commonly referred to as the Citadel, it is officially Fort George and is now managed by Parks Canada.

Today, the structure is open to the public for tours. Guided tours of the infrastructure, ghost tours at night and a visit of the Army Museum are options.

Traditionally dressed guides and personnel are dispersed in the fortification to offer explanations of the different rooms and life of the soldiers. Written information on displays are also available in different sections.

The Army Museum presents historical military events where artifacts, uniforms, medals, weapons and tools are displayed. Veteran volunteers are there to answer your questions.

Every day, the firing of the traditional noon gun can be heard around town.

You will notice that the hill is almost treeless. The clock town tower sits at mid-hill.

Please note that you can park your car on top of the hill and the tours are offered in French and English.