Halifax – Art Gallery

1723 Hollis Street

The Art Gallery is split into two buildings and is separated by a courtyard with a unique structure. Unfortunately, the interior of the museum does not reflect the detailed historical aspect of its exterior nor provides any view to the exterior. The Dominion Building (1868) with the statue of Britannica was built to originally house the Post Office, Customs House and Railway Department until the federal government took over the responsibilities.  The building was purchased by the federal and other functions were assigned to the location. It is now the location of the Art Gallery.

Maud Lewis makes the show of this museum. The native of the province had a modest nontraditional life and she created naïve colorful paintings.  The highlight is her home. Her very tiny house, the size of a shed without utilities, fits in a museum room. The simple joyful walls, door, stairs and furniture have her paint brush touches.

Other pieces of art captured my eyes but the way they were dispersed in the gallery makes it difficult to capture the context and the link between them.