Halifax – Scotia Bank building

1709 Hollis Street

The Bank of Nova Scotia started in 1832 and less than 50 years later, it had a branch outside the province. It concurred with USA territories (Minneapolis and Chicago) before Toronto in 1897. Today, more than 900 branches of the bank can be found in Canada. But even In 1931 the original construction could no longer satisfy the needs and a new building was built at 1709 Hollis Street in the heart of Halifax.

The edifice still occupies the same function and presents some fine rich architectural details. The imposing exterior doors are made of bronze and metal. Reference to sea creatures is omnipresent in the design. Look at the carved stone in its façade.  If you have the chance to enter the building, I loved the rich golden elevators, the ceiling in the tellers section as well as the mosaic atop the passage from the interior.