Halifax – Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

1675 Lower Water Street

Halifax has a few museums that will allow you to better understand the city. This is the case of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  There is no better place to find information related to major events to the city and water than this place.

Not in any order, you will find information on building of boats, small up to scale model versions of bigger vessels, details on the catastrophic events of the Titanic, disbelief in front of the sad story of the MS St.Louis and facts around the disastrous 1917 explosion are described in the museum for your knowledge.

The cute creation of Theodore Tugboat children’s story which originated from there to the success of local businessman Samuel Cunard, you will have the chance to understand the water importance and development over time.

Via small reproductions, artifacts, descriptions in both English and French, you can explore this museum at your rhythm.

The museum is accessible via the waterfront boardwalk as well as from Lower Water Street.