Prague – Church of St.Giles

By now, you might believe that my trip to Prague was a religious one but it was not. It turns out that Prague has many churches.  I have to admit that looking back to this 2017 trip, we had visited a lot of churches and consequently, my family had been very patient with me wanting to explore the interiors as well. 

The Church of St.Giles is one of them and is surrounded by many other religious establishments in the Old Town and maybe, like us, you might get there while wandering in the small streets around the Old Town Square.

The two towers used to be similar but the restoration after a lighting strike on one of the two towers never took place thus explaining today’s asymmetrical style.

While this church does not seem to appear often in tourist guides, the church seems to be popular for weddings. It is unclear if this infatuation is due to the filming of Mozart’s wedding in the 1984 film, Amadeus, but it is nice and does present a similar baroque interior style like other nearby churches.

The church is also known for the historical organ dating back to 1733 which offers exclusive sounds for concerts.

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