Prague – Clam-Gallas Palace

As we walked down, Husova, a narrow street, the Palace of Clam-Gallas does not appear massive but the muscular strong man sculptures on each side of the entrance portals and the crest above the doors are marks of distinction and opulence of this building.

The building was meant to entertain. Balls and impressive distinctive events occurred here.  According to some websites, Amadeus Mozart was present at least once as a guest and Beethoven played here for the family.

The building is now a public building with the City Archives on the first floor and it offers concert halls. In the backyard, a nice fountain of Triton can be seen from the street behind an iron fence.

The name Clam-Gallas first originates from the Count of Gallas, Johann Wenceslaus or Wenzel (source of information varies) who had it built in 1713. However, the Gallas did not have any direct descendants and the Clam family, an indirect family relative, inherited this palace making it the Clam-Gallas Palace.

The Count Gallas Austrian origin can be predictable by the selection of the architect, the same as the Schonbrunn Palace.

If open, sneak in to look at the staircase.

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