Prague – Church of St Joseph (Kostel sv. Josefa)

You might have noticed that Prague has many churches.  The style and the location are important factors when it comes to popularity, appreciation and recognition.

St.Joseph Church is accessible by the Republik Namesti Square.

The 1653 church is very discrete, does not have towers and has a minimalist look. A round window and a fresco of St.Joseph holding the Infant Jesus are above the middle door. However, the historical religious building is next to the supermalls, which is unforeseen. 

The church sits slightly behind the square and is accessible via a small, quaint, front courtyard. Two sculptures (St. John of Nepomuk and St. Frantisek Serafinsky ) on each side of the laced gate  gives you access to the front enclosure where the Statue of St. Jude Thaddeus, admired by an angel on each side, invites you to pray.

It is surrounded by modern architecture while being in the same square as the Municipal House and Powder Gate.

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