Montreal – The Harbour Commission Building

357, rue de la Commune Ouest (West)

When visiting Old Montreal on foot, we tend to turn on St-Pierre Street to reach the Mere d’Youville House. However, if you continue on de la Commune Street, you will arrive at two interesting buildings: Allan Building with John Young Monument, and a little bit further, the Harbour Commission Building.  The Harbour Commission was created in 1830 to manage the development of the port.

The entrance is at the center of the “V” shaped structure with a set of stairs that flow to the sidewalk. The round window on its top central-section presents an elegant dominant style. It is certainly located on a privileged spot overlooking the old port.

For a long time, the 1875 building was used by the Port Commission. It was also used for a few years as a warehouse, and later, for a while, it was abandoned. Fortunately, it was purchased in 1996 by a successful businessman who turned it into a prestigious, private clientele site. The revamp was praised and an award was given to raise the quality of the combination of modern and historical elements including the addition of a glass covered pool a la Victorian era.

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