Vienna – Mozart House (Mozarthaus)

Domgasse 5

It sounds great but…

We all know that Vienna is known for its love for classical music. Many famous classical artists performed in Vienna. Mozart was one of them.

Inevitably, there must be a museum about him in the city and we must go but… Mozart lived in many locations for a short time. It seems that he was not an easy tenant. In fact, he lived for about 2 years on the first floor of this museum and this is where he wrote the world famous “Le Marriage de Figaro”.

Unfortunately, there are no surviving members of Amadeus Mozart.

If you choose to visit the interior, you will start your visit on the 3rd floor and walk your way down.  While there is minimal furniture in the apartment, I did appreciate the fact that they did not want to make assumptions of what was where. So with the audio guide, the museum tries to inform and give ideas of how it might have been then.

I can’t remember previously visiting a museum of a musical artist.  It is different. I was glad that visitors could also listen/see Mozart’s art.

However, overall, paying for seeing very little is a bit disappointing.

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