Vienna – Applied Art Museum

Stubenring 5

Lesson learned – be curious!

It was not part of our plan, but the heavy rain and our Vienna pass in hand, we went in just because it was next to the bus stop and Stadtpark.

At first, we were not sure for how long we would stay, so we just explored section by section. As we were moving along and exploring new rooms, our interest also improved.  The museum has two sides: the traditional side and the contemporary aspect.

This museum presents art in different forms of design which will make you rethink simple things.

At the time of its creation in 1862, it was not an easy task to challenge traditional views. The first professor of history at the University was actually appointed as a director of the museum thus adding an educational vocation to the museum.

The University of Applied Arts is still not too far from the museum.

We can and we were surprised at the long-time effect of the museum and we referred to it a few times. Do not be afraid to do something different as there might be one thing that you will learn from it. Years later, there are still things that remind us of our visit. At the time of our visit, in 2017, the recycling, eco house, paper chair and place of robot were presented. The real life style approach on innovations and opportunities connected us and made us rethink our daily lives. Our family appreciated the visit.

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