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In Pointe-Saint-Charles sits an historical house where many French descendant families in the province have an ancestor that was once welcomed to this place, including myself.  Truly, from 1663 to 1673 more than 800 girls/women were greeted by the sisters’ community led by Marguerite Bourgeoys at this location.  The King of France offered financial support to encourage women to cross the Atlantic Ocean and settle in  New France, a territory then colonized mostly by man.

The Congregation Notre-Dame provided housing, education, experience in sewing, meal prep and farming to women and girls in this new country up to and until they found a husband.

To have adequate groundwork, Marguerite Bourgeoys acquired the house next to the land she initially was assigned.

Marguerite Bourgeoys’ role in Montreal is remarkable. She was canonized in 1982 and is the first woman to have this honor in Canada. She rests peacefully in the Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours Chapel next to a museum dedicated to her and which reveals more about her story.

And, as for the Maison Saint-Gabriel, it is recognized by Quebec and Canada as an historical site and is now a museum.

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