Montreal – Christ Church Cathedral

635 Saint Catherine Street Ouest

The Christ Church Cathedral has an impressive evolution.  First built where it was once considered the country side, it is now in the vibrant downtown surrounded by multiple modern buildings.

The Anglican religious community clearly advocates welcoming all souls within its walls.

The 1860 cathedral structure has felt some turbulence on a few occasions. First, some architectural underestimations.  The weather conditions and the soil on which it was sitting created a problem when the weight of the tower made it lean sufficiently so it had to be dismantled.  Years later, a generous anonymous donation allowed it to be replaced by an aluminum structure.  Later, in the 1980’s, the Cathedral was lifted to permit the excavation and installation of an underground mall. The work was a success.

The triple arched portal gate takes you to the middle red door entrance. The rose window embellishes the front of the Cathedral. Since 1999 the Cathedral is designated a National Historical Site of Canada after Quebec classified it in 1988.

The rear garden of the church is a memorial to Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish hero who helped thousands of Hungarian Jews in Budapest by avoiding having them sent to a concentration camp. His work and presence in Hungary during this sad period helped in saving lives. A nice memorial park with a willow tree sits at the Dohany Street Synagogue in Budapest and, among other countries, Canada also recognized his heroic actions.  Around the world, his brave actions are being noticed. In Montreal, it is here, behind the church that we can remember him and his courageous human act of compassion. He made a notable difference.

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