Montreal – Saint-Sulpice Seminary

130, rue Notre-Dame-Ouest (West)

The Saint-Sulpice Seminary is the second oldest building still standing on the Island of Montreal located right next to the Notre-Dame Basilica. The oldest one is Le Ber–Lemoyne house in Lachine.

The Seminary is surrounded by a wall limiting access and the view to some sections of the property. You still can see the golden arms of the outdoor clock. 

The Seminary and its garden are part of Canada’s heritage sites. Built in 1687, it is run by the same society. However, let’s just say it is in a totally different context than it was at the time of its construction.  Indeed, the time of the seigniorial regime is long gone and specific objectives of this establishment were the implementation of churches and the seminary which helped support priests providing education in the creation of new territories.  If the success of their role is based on the number of churches in the province, I believe they have succeeded.

The seminary is the administration center of the Society of Priests of Saint Sulpice as well as a retirement place for celebrants.

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