Montreal – Lachine – Maison Le Ber- Le Moyne / Musee Lachine / Parc Ranger

Between the St-Lawrence River and the Canal Lachine, on the land that was once owned by Mr. Lasalle, this site was sold to Mr. Le Ber and Le Moyne, two prosperous merchants who built a fur trading site.  The exchange of beaver fur, the most popular for the European market against tools and clothing with the First Nations was a highly praised product.  Over time, the exchange site changed vocation to become a farm house. However, with the construction of the Canal Lachine, the land was partly taken away.  It is now and has been for a while the city’s property that you can visit.  The Maison Le Ber-Le Moyne presents a unique beautiful approach with artifacts on the history of the area: the First Nations, the French colonization, the British colonization and more.

Today, the Maison Le Ber-Le Moyne is the oldest building (1669) still standing on the island of Montreal. It survived the 1689 Lachine Raid, during which the Iroquois surprisingly attacked the residents and housing and where many residences were destroyed and lives were lost.

The House of Le Ber-Le Moyne is part of the Lachine Museum site.  The Lachine Museum is currently (May 2021) presenting an exhibition on previous communication methods used before the current technology. For example, you will see a Polaroid camera, a typewriter, a phonograph and more.

It was free to access the houses but you need to pay for parking.

You can easily have access to Ranger Park for a walk or a picnic. Tables are available with a view of the river. It can be chilly and windy.

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