Montreal – Place de la Grande-Paix-de-Montreal

Between the old fire station, facing Place d’Youville and the Pointe-a-Calliere Museum, you can find another urban area, a square named “Place de la Grande-Paix-de-Montreal”.  In 1701, it is here that the Great Peace of Montreal treaty was signed between M. Louis-Hector de Calliere (representing France) and 39 aboriginal nations which ended years of conflict on trading.   Negotiations extended for a while, and, according to website, the Huron-Wendat Grand Chief, Kondiaronk, made a conclusive unity speech that obtained the approval of all. Unfortunately, Kondiaronk died the next day but the treaty was signed by all nations involved.

On this square, the Monument aux Pionniers (Monument of the Pioneers) (Obelisk) gives tribute to the founders of the city of Ville-Marie and the first settlers on the location where the treaty was signed. Look around for art works in the square.

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