Budapest – Gellert Hill Cave Church

Not like other churches – so unique

If you are nearby Liberty Bridge, across Gellert Spa, you see a simple cross on top of the Gellert Hill, your curiosity will bear fruit!  It marks the entrance to a hidden cave church.   Indeed, this church is built in the rock.

In addition to being inimitable, you will not find the common cathedral ceilings and domes of many classical churches  What you will find is small, simple rooms, featuring a few treasures here and there. 

The story of this church is uncommon and has a wonderful happy ending.  Regrettably, there was a time in Budapest that religious movements were controlled, and this church was actually closed down, sealed with concrete. But one day in 1989, the temple and monastery were revived and has been open since.  Today it is run by the Pauline Monks, an order that was once evinced by the place.

The monument of Saint-Ivan, displaying him standing with his horse in front of the church, is in commemoration of the first occupant of the place of worship, the hermit Ivan who used the waters to heal others.

Don’t think the only thing to see is the second floor of the entrance, there is way more to see!

In addition to the church, there is a room displaying religious wood carving art.

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