Vienna – State Opera House – Wiener Staatsoper

Opernring 2

So informative! Art is omnipresent everywhere in Vienna

Even though that the building was under renovation (In 2017), it was open for guided visits and we were able to appreciate the beauty of the building. Do not pass on this opportunity even if you have booked tickets for a show. The tour is not the same as attending a concert.

Tours are available in many languages.

You need to know that there are no presentations performed in August. We were informed that the backstage was not as representative as the active season since there was no presentation planned for that day.

During the visit, you will learn about the organization behind the scenes which is very interesting. All the work and scene changes are a real challenge for the entire crew including the performers. What is impressive is the variety of representations in a year or even in a month, in fact, the Opera House presents a different program every day which explains the number of frequent members.  This approach has been found to be the best way to attract the maximum viewing public.

The architecture of the building is both elegant and impressive with sculptures, columns and stairs.  While part of it has been reconstructed to its original state after WWII, the entrance survived and has remained original.

I loved the tea room, the stairs with the statues representing the seven arts are nice, as well as the outside fountains.

Information regarding the yearly presentation ball and understanding how it is organized and selecting the dancers for the yearly ball at the opera was quite interesting.

The Opera House visit certainly emphasizes the importance that music has in Vienna’s society even today.

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