Santorini – Oia

Oia is a very popular destination in Santorini even during day time.  Buses, organized tours arrive one  after the other to stroll the streets of Oia which is located on the northwest part of the island.

Buildings, houses, hotels and kiosks are the majority white and seems to be embedded in the rock. It’s a fragile environment.  In fact, Oia was a victim of an important earthquake in 1956 that destroyed part of the city.   It is not perceptible from an outsider as the city presents so many beautiful assets.

The views of the waters is spectacular, hotels have pools to appreciate the scenery, restaurants have terrace to treasure and enjoy the location. 

It is here that you will see the famous blue-dome white church, classic world-renowned Greece emblematic picture.

Many, many are persistent in getting the best perfect pictures.  I just hope people respects the privacy of habitant.  The Instagram impact is noticeable.

All in the city, brings it little touch that makes this place so pleasant.  Private distinctive front porch, high-end resorts, tiny pools with an amazing view, cafes with tasteful décor, art galleries with so many things we would like to buy, many stylish stores that present different form of talent.

It is a very popular high-end top resort area.  You will notice as you walk around the town the tiny small pools that promises beautiful sunset view and surrounding.  Surprisingly, I was only 1 person using a pool during day time as we walk around during this very hot day.  . 

As you stroll around the streets, you could reach the ruins of a castle which offers nice views. You fell on top of the world here.

If you plan to visit Oia on your own, note that the access is easy and parking can take longer than in other part of the island due to the number of buses.

Oia streets are sometimes paved with cobblestone and there are lots of stairs in the town it would not easy for a stroller to explore without restrictions.


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