Santorini – Fira

Fira is the Capital of Santorini and it is located in the middle of the main island. If you decide to settle in the capital, you will be within 25 minutes drive to reach both extremes of the island the lighthouse and Oia but also the red beach, Perissa, Akrotiri and the airport is 10 minutes away.

The main port is at the feet of Fira.  Many of us will be transiting via Fira.  To reach the city center, the car may not be the best solution. The sinuous road can be long if many people arrive at the same time.  There is a cable car, you can walk or I heard that you can use donkeys.  We did not see any donkeys, so I just hope there is less and less demand for obvious reasons. While there are restaurants in the port, it is not representative of the beauty of Santorini.  If you can’t go far, just go to Fira. The view and the experience are totally incomparable.

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