Ottawa – Canadian War Museum

1 Vimy place

It’s hard to positively describe something that has claimed so many lives. These sacrifices, which continue to happen, occur in contexts that sometimes escape us. The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa is a poignant reminder for educational purposes of the military actions in which Canada participated in the pursuit of peace and humanitarian rights.

The museum focuses on multiple facets and wars. It goes back to the beginning of the colonization of Canada until the more recent international conflicts. It also presents parallel elements or impacts on and off the terrain, including the explosion of munitions ships in Halifax, the development of air transport, etc. It exposes the methods of recruitment, the active lives of the soldiers, the bravery of some as well as their return.

It is an engaging museum with a lot of information, tools, weapons, clothing and vehicles that have been used. The models, videos, and situation reproductions help to better visualize and understand the subjects.

The description of the events, always bilingual (English/French) can sometimes be moving and hard-hitting, but we learn to better recognize the sacrifice of many men and women for freedom.

A large room, the LeBreton Gallery, shows an impressive collection of combat vehicles, tanks, all-terrain vehicles and even a CF-Voodoo fighter jet which hangs from the ceiling. This huge room is in addition to vehicles on display along the visit which include bullet-riddled tanks, combat vehicles and even one of Hitler’s original cars.

It is, in my opinion, impossible to read and see everything in one visit. The 3 hours we spent there gave us a very good overview, but some sections were passed quickly. Be advised that the museum closes at 4 p.m. except on Thursdays when it is open until 7 p.m.

Also, regarding the price, add to the entrance price, the cost for indoor parking ($13) since outdoor parking spaces are limited. However, you can leave your coat there, otherwise, a free cloakroom is available inside.

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