Ottawa – Major’s Hill Park

Although there are several large buildings in downtown Ottawa, there are some peaceful green spaces, including Major’s Hill Park. The oldest park in the city bears this name from early occupants. The house of the project managers responsible for the construction of the Rideau Canal resided there. The first, Colonel By and the second, Major Bolton lived in a house, now destroyed, in this park.

Right in the heart of the city, near the National Gallery Museum, the park offers impressive views of several major sites including the parliament buildings, the Rideau Canal and the Ottawa River.

At the beginning of the 20th century, despite disputes, a portion of the park was ceded for the construction of the Château Laurier.

Explanatory panels tell you the history of the place. Learn about the locks of the Rideau Canal and see statues of Colonel By and Major Bolton. Filled with mature trees, in the spring the park is embellished with pretty colorful tulips.

The park is accessible all year round.

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