Guadeloupe – Grands Fonds

On the side of Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe, an original topography hides behind the major centers of the island. This ecosystem is unusual and brings a wonderful plant abundant setting.

The Grands Fonds (large bottom in french) are, in fact, steep valleys chiseled by water which form spectacular reliefs unique in this region.

These narrow, flat-bottomed gorges create natural protection where fruit trees grow easily. This flourishing environment is recognized and, surprisingly, a large part of the population lives there. The density of residential areas on the winding road is such that the admiration of the site is limited to a little glimpse here and there. Cyclists seem to enjoy traveling these routes as well. We did not find a place to stop or walk paths to admire the landscape where you will find linked hills with ravines in dense vegetation and sometimes open where the cattle graze the grass on the private residential ground.

The Grands Fonds cover a large part of the territory of Grande-Terre in the background, between Les Abymes, Morne-à-l’eau, Le Moule, Sainte-Anne and Le Gosier. Secondary roads can, therefore, be an option to divert heavy traffic from Sainte-Anne, for example.

These beautiful roads are used for the Guadeloupe Cycling Tour as well as for the Rallye des Grands Fonds, a car race that takes place there annually.

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