Bruges – Museum Groeninge (Groeningemuseum)

Bruges experienced an incredible economic boom in the 14th century. Royalty was present and the city was emerging. Painters were then coveted to produce works and many settled in Bruges. One style, now called Flemish Primitive, was popular and in demand. Today works by its great Belgian creators can be found at the Saint-Jean Hospital, at the Saint-Sauveur Cathedral and in this museum.

Obviously, for great art lovers, the Groeninge Museum is a must. Under the same roof, we find works by Jan Van Eyck, Hans Memling and Gerard David but also the evolution of art in 6 centuries of Belgian artistic paintings, treasures accumulated over time and captured here to allow visitors to discover them.

The museum was built especially to preserve the works in 1930, 100 years after the independence of Belgium.

Note that this museum is one of the 13 sites included in the city museum card.

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