Brussels – Town Hall

Brussels Town Hall is located right in the heart of the activities on the Grand-Place. It is the most dominant building of this place with the colossal width of its facade, its Gothic style and its tower of 96 meters (315ft). Built from 1401, it was not completed until 1455. It is of incredible architecture with many statues, a lot of details and asymmetrical charm. Indeed, the entrance and the tower are not centered and the windows on the second level are not of the same shapes on either side of the tower. At each end, a turret and dormers add to the unique style of this building.

The Grand-Place and all the buildings surrounding it were hard hit by a bombardment in 1695 by the French.  Although it was mainly aimed at the town hall, the solid structure still partially survived. The whole complex, including the Town Wall, was rebuilt according to the original style.

If you see a star on the ground, it is a marker of the zero kilometer of the city. All distances are calculated according to this point.

The tower has no bell. It is purely ornamental but of extraordinary beauty. The statue at its top is Saint Michael, Patron of Brussels and we see him here slaying the demon. Each element of the building was chosen with care, elegance and representing an idea, an event or a person.

The arcades, the balconies and the statues are most decorative and its interior is just as rich.

Get informed. It happens that once a month, on Sunday, the visit is free.

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