Brussels – Royal Palace of Brussels

Built between 1815 and 1829, it was William I, King of the Netherlands, who built this immense royal residence by integrating four (4) 18th-century hotels under one roof. It is since 1830 that the palace has become the property of the Belgians. This prestigious building is still used by the royal family for administrative activities, state meetings, official ceremonies, political meetings, visits by foreign dignitaries and more.

Its grandiose rooms, majestic lounges and imposing staircases are all richly decorated, often with marble, copper and gilding. Notice the chandeliers, clocks, paintings and works of art in each of the rooms.

For six (6) weeks after July 21 (National Day) in early September, during the annual summer vacation of the royal family, it is possible to visit the palace free of charge.

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